Self proclaimed ‘Urban Tete’ Zuva Habane aired out her thoughts after posting Misred’s glamorous picture on her instagram account dismissing body shaming views that fans always say about the lady.

Aunty Zuva opened up on her instagram page that Samantha Musa is not only true definition of beauty but also well structured and she sees every reason for good compliments about her body.

“I don’t understand why people body shame her she has such a beautiful round shape on top of it she pretty AF , she might not have the best attitude She might be all these things y’all say but kutuka her body manyepa ndomafungiro ndiombereriwo mawoko @imisred”


Urban Tete posted a few days after the Radio Personality had fought with Beverly Sibanda, a Zimbabwean dancer. Samantha ended up apologizing to Bev and the comment section can’t seem to separate the incident with the post, saying “MisRed is badmouth”

Though everyone has something to say about her body, Samantha always post exclusive pictures on her instagram page showing off her fashionable outfits.

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