Zizoe Pamyk is back with a bang. He posted a sample of his new song that is featured by one of the advocates of love, Ngoni Kambarami and his fans are in love with it.

Zizoe Pamyk is Mai Titi’s Ex boyfriend who formerly sang a song titled ‘Mukweso.’ Most of his songs are love songs and he has been doing well in the music industry before his sudden break up with Mai Titi that was followed by his silence and disappearance from social media.

From the two musician’s break up both moved on and Mai Titi got married last year December. However, Zizoe has been indirectly sending signals as he posted the Mukweso video on his facebook page that featured Mai Titi five days ago captioning that it was a month of love.

Well, the newly sampled song that he posted featuring Ngoni has lyrics of a bitter Ex Lover that is ready to let go, move on with life and fans are insinuating that this is a love letter to Felistas(Mai Titi).

The Lyrics are:

“Wakandiwana ndakadaro, chindisiya ndakadaro, Rudo arudi zvenharo,kana zvarema tosiya zvakadaro, Asi ndiwe uchaudza vamwe x3, usatamba nemandebvu haanzwarwo.”

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