A 28 year old Zimbabwean  man only identified as Misheck has been arrested in Zambia after he abandoned his robbery mission to watch a couple having s_ex in their apartment.

According to the report submitted by the couple, as they were cuddling on a couch in the living room Misheck sneaked in and found his way to their bedroom and picked two laptops, a phone and clothes all valued at K23000. However, on his way out he found the the couple having sex in the living room and somehow got distracted. He stood in a corner as he watched this young and beautiful couple bonking each other continuously in the process he dosed and slept.

Police officers asked Misheck to explain why he abandoned his robbery mission when he could have easily escaped with goods worthy K23000. The suspect said “it all happened very fast, after getting two laptops, a phone and a few other items i could have easily escaped but suddenly on my way out I saw this beautiful young couple having unprotected s_ex on their couch in the living room. I lost focus and decided to have a look.

It was different from watching p_orn, the whole scenario was different it was live and direct the way he handled his wife and how they switched positions especially during round 7, it was just awesome. During that process, I think i ran out of luck, I dosed and fell asleep. When I woke up I was surrounded by police officers”.
Misheck is in Police custody and will appear in court soon.

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