The maid was arrested in Zimbabwe and the accomplice was not her brother but an army officer stationed at Defence College as a fitness trainer

watch the video below on how she was captured by CID

A Zimbabwean lady who was working as a maid in South Africa has left a lot people around the world shocked after trending online for stealing cash and valuables worth $500 000 United States Of America Dollars.

Her brother Malvin is said to be part of the robbery and is said to have helped her escape to wherever she went to.The 35 year old who was born and bred in Mutoko is said to have been employed by people who trusted her like family and she has made it impossible for other Zimbabwean to be employed in future around the world.

Some people online have been giving her tips on how to use her new found fortune just like they see on television in movies , the likes of new identity , lying low and chop the money.

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