Drama does not seem to seize in the Christian fraternity, with all the Jay Israel ,Bushiri sagas .Another fresh scenario has entered the center stage once again . This time it’s a woman claiming to have been in hell and saw a terrifying vision.

Self proclaimed missionary, claims that she saw a vision of hell where she was pleading of herself and instead of attending to her she claims that Jesus attended to a person by the name Emmanuel .Apostle Ricky however sets the record straight here that in hell there is no begging for someone,it is not the record of deeds but rather the record of the cross that will determine destiny.

The lady even went on to quote  the bible saying ,the pleasure  life of today’s pastors is sin .She saw a soul of TB Joshua in hell ,and claimed that TB Joshua sold his soul to the devil.

The lady explained that one can have their soul in hell whilst being present here on earth .However there is no concrete evidence to justify what this woman saw in her vision. Other commentaries have put forward that these were just demons trying to spread false information and cause confusion.

The question that still remains however is how can a human  be in hell and be on earth at the same time .The bible does not teach that judgment is already happening and destiny is not fate. Each and every being has a will and a right.

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