I Octane made Zimbabweans to come out guns blazing when he mentioned that he gave Soul jah love a chance to perform for his gig in 2016. However Stunner could not keep it to himself but chose to come out breathing fire claiming that l Octane should not blow his horn because Soul jah love was part of the musicians who were supposed to perform that night. During the show of l Octane in 2016 it is allegedly believed that Winky D outshined l Octane when it comes to arousing the 25 000 fans who were there.



I Octane on a Live video on Instagram urged Winky D to spread his wings and create a career out of Zimbabwe. With no fear, I Octane mentioned that Winky D is giving Zimbabwe a bad reputation , ” lf l wasn’t talking about Winky D here, no one outside Zimbabwe would know him” l Octane says.


I Octane and Winky D

Winky D is a man of few words, as of late he was mercilessly attacked by Queen Tatelicious over the issue of Soul jah love’s passing but he didn’t respond and now I Octane also wants to rub shoulders with the gaffer Winky D, the question is ,is he going to respond ?.

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