In most of cases, people who work havve some house assistant person to take care of house chores and look after childrens if there is any.


Unfortunately it seems like husbands take advantage of this woman and manipulate them to be their side chick, although some due seduce the home head of family.


It has been reported that tge wife who is the boss caught her husband right handed sleeping with the house assistant. It is clear that the two have been doing this for whil. Unfortunately all bad things always find a way to come out.




According to reports, There was drama in Murang’a town In Nairobi, Kenya at one of the famous guest house’s near the Murang’a Law Courts after a woman busted her husband with their house girl.


According to the wife, she had suspected that her husband is cheating and she had to set up her husband and the house assistant. She pretended like she has left to work while she was standing somewhere calculating time for going back.

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