Shingi Albert Munyeza (born 17 September 1966) is a Zimbabwean businessman. He was the head of the Zimbabwean hotel chain, African Sun and stepped down in 2015 to pursue personal interests

He trained as an accountant with Ernst and Young, then made a career change to advertising and worked as an Executive Director in an advertising agency, CM & A Advertising. He moved from advertising to tourism when he got a job at Cresta Hospitality Zimbabwe, where he became Group Commercial Director.[4] After a while, he moved to then Zimbabwe Sun Limited (now African Sun) where he assumed the role of Group Chief Executive.

He pioneered bringing international food franchises in Zimbabwe but his long-term passion has been entrepreneurship where he is setting up an enterprise incubator to nurture entrepreneurship in the country. He has partnered with Africa’s biggest Entrepreneurship Incubator. Furthermore, his investments are now more into ICT, solar and telecoms.

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