Michael Moorcook once said, ” I think of myself as a bad writer with big ideas, but l would rather be that, than a big writer with bad ideas“. For Winky D its a whole different story the guy is famous, he got fans that would kill to hear him say “Chi extra terrestrial”. But as much as fans want that, it doesn’t come on a silver platter. Winky D is very secretive and when you look at him for a second you might think he is related to Privacy.


Winky d has kept his life private one of the reason being to keep his personal life from Scandals. Its no denial fact his music serenades and the reply song which he released last year 2020 had a good vibe. The gaffer is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Zimbabwean music, ask Jah prayzah he knows how Dangerous Winky D can be. The only person that can be compared to Jah prayzah here in Zimbabwe its Winky d. Besides, the two have networth over USD 1 million. Not alot of Zim musicians can relate.

However, as of late, the passing on of Soul jah love sealed the fact that, Winky D is very private, The gaffer didn’t go to his funeral and even give a reason why he didn’t attend. We should know going there was never a force matter, but after giving a 32 page condolence message to Soul jah love family, alot of people expected Winky D to show up.

People are putting alot on his shoulder as of late, Queen Tatelicious bashed him for writing a long condolence message. This left Winky d fans no choice but to breath fire on Social media with alot saying Winky d is different. He does things his own way. The silent treatment he gave to Queen Tatelicious went on to prove that he is the gaffer he doesn’t respond to petty issues.

As of late, it has not been his character that people talked about. However,it has been his music, his music has been lacking “ka that kane this”, people have been talking. Last year he released some bangers which included the song called “Reply”. The song was amazing but the fans engagement to the song was shallow. What could have caused that ? Questions have rose from nowhere. With others saying Winky D is a great musician but the problem is, he doesn’t engage with his fans.

Last year, he rejected a $35K project which was offered by Passion java but he turned it down. Surely his character is unpredictable, alot of zim musicians would kill for such an offer. Winky D might be the first musician in Zimbabwe who have been criticized, looked down upon and yet he doesn’t respond, his best respond so far has been the silence.

A young Maestro Holy ten who is now the Zimbabwean sensational in Hip Hop once came out to the public admiring Winky D. Now its coming to light that Winky D is different. Besides alot of respect should be given to the fore fathers of Zimdancehall.

Unlike his fellow musician Jah prayzah, Winky d is less a talker, Jah prayzah doesn’t tolerate nonsense, he responded Hopewell Chin’ono and alot of people were surprised.

Well folks, people’s characters are way different, no one here on earth should be in a position to judge anyone. Winky d is a legend and he is an artist who has been giving international artist headaches every time they come here in Zimbabwe to perform, ask I octane about it he will tell you how Winky d is a force to be reckoned with. Well that’s a Story for another day.

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