Just like her music ,Anita Jaxson’s love life became a public thing when she admitted to be dating Poptain on Zimpapers Tv live broadcast some months ago after claiming that their relationship is brother and sister type.

A lot of eyebrows were raised today after iHarare posted a picture of the two asking what happened to their relationship.

A lot of fans were also really concerned because the couple nolonger posts each other or comment om each other’s photos as they used to back then.

They were yet to be crowned the king and queen of the Reggae Power Couple in Zimbabwe as they were already people’s favorite.

Their love story is also something that inspired a lot of the brother and sister kind of situationships or besty stuff to have courage to come clean with their true feelings and date.

We certainly hope that these lovebirds are still together and just putting their lovelife under wraps on social media so that we as fans  focus more on their art.

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