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SAD | What is wrong with us Zimbabweans?

Please help us find Richard Chipatiko who is being tortured by his kidnappers. Anyone with information please come forward and save a life.

Richard was kidnapped around Mfuleni, Cape Town. He is being held for a ransom by kidnappers who are believed to be fellow Zimbabweans judging by the voice notes sent to Richard’s relatives. They are demanding around R50 000 ransom. Please help by sharing any information that can help find him. You can also help by sharing this post to other groups. We are appealing to anyone who resides in and around Khayelitsha to help us with any information or call the nearest Police station. Please help us save a life 💔💔💔

However it is alleged that it was a setup to extort money from him.Zimbabweans in Capetown say it is very common and that its a money making scheme that a woman pretends to be someone’s wife from the syndicate.They arrange how they can catch the couple red handed and torture him to extort.

It is said that that Richard is now safe at home.

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