Social Se_x workers in Hopely community complained about how their work has been affected by lockdown regulations and how it has critically affected their healthcare.

According to one of the workers, they no longer have access to healthcare treat as the clinic which used to come, treat them no longer does and for them to go to the Clinic they don’t have the traveling letters hence the spread of STIs.

Second noted challenge was on payments. The women complained that their clients failed to pay for the services due to the fact that they are not working too. The charges were explained to be $1USD per hour and $10USD per night.

The third complaint was on thieves and scams. Clients who came to get services and run away without paying or steal and threaten them.

Lack of clients was another challenge. Accordingly their customers used to come from a distance but now because of lockdown and roadblocks that request letters they no longer come so the ladies end of hooking up with local men which causes chaos in the society.

Curfew was the last challenge. This is because their clients usually show up at night yet the police will be already chasing people away.

The ladies said they are trying to fend for their families although they end up starving because of the hinderances they are facing day in day out.

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