It’s yet another season of love and in reminding each other the goodness of love we should not ignore the sourness and permanent scars that love can leave in ones life.

Rejoice Ncube(20) explained on Tilda Moyo’s interview how love was a trap to her and how it got her imprisoned, the drama took her by surprise.

The young lady said she got in a relationship with boyfriend (Nhlanhla) and was not aware that he was a robber until they carried a passenger from Bulawayo.

Rejoice said he suddenly stopped the car and asked the passenger to give him all his money, after that he threw him out of the car and left.

The girl was shocked and could not ask why his boyfriend had done it because she says she was scared the same would happen to her.

However the police came looking for her whilst she was home .

To protect her lover just like what anyone else would do she said she was not aware of his whereabouts until the police beat her up that’s when she took them to his place.

Nhlanhla was not happy that his girlfriend had betrayed him by showing the police about his whereabouts so he testified that she was also around on all his three encounters of robbery.

Apparently, Rejoice is in prison and is yet to be released in July.

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