It’s been a month and weeks now since Moana had from a fatal accident and perished to death through burning and her friends and family are still mourning.

Moana (Michelle Amuli) was a fitness trainer, actress, socialite and tv presenter amongst others. She spent most of her time socializing on live videos with people, showing them some gym moves and having fun.

The Beauty Beast died a sad death in a car accident on the 9th of November 2020 On her way from a birthday in Ginimbi’s car. Both of them died on the spot and people are still in shock.

Amai Koko aka The Boss Mother posted a video captioned;

“Can you come back now I don’t want to believe it💔”

The video had Moana’s audios whereby she told Mai Koko to tell people that She was her wife and that no one should bother her.

Death is surely a trap!

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