Van Choga’s career is flying higher than he could imagine. He announced to his that there is another international collaboration ahead and they should stay woke.

Valentine Simbarashe is a multi genre talented artist who found his way to the top through his unique energetic expressions and type of singing. This also includes his dressing of wearing dirty rugs and a sack of clothes.

The ‘Mukomana Wekwamudzviti’ musician was a love at first sight to fans as one could laugh without even listening to what he would have sang but by just seeing his dressing.

Van Choga was once signed at Yala Nation, he has also sang at Nash Tv color vibes and apparently recorded with Passion Java records a song called Daggering.

Valentine’s first collaboration was with Ghana’s Ay Poyoo.

The new song titled Vhengedzera featured urban hype crew which consists of Ajay ( rapper), Badman Shapi ( singer) and F Jay (Singer) is now ready according to one of his associates Boss Kawara.

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