Moral uprightness is a criteria used to distinguish a true from false prophets and being found on the wrong side makes your authenticity questionable in a society.

The case of Prophet Jay Israel’s using fraudulent passport and visa in South Africa has paved way for more trouble as more shocking cases are now being reported against him.

Jay Israel’s former supporter who is now an enemy, Solomon Ashomz has it that the this case has led to exposition of other cases across the world against the prophet and he can not fight against them all.

“There are other cases that have been opened against him around the world. Cases of extortion, intimidation, cases of getting money from people and not paying. The police have found many other cases, so it is not this case that he only has to fight.”

In addition to that, Ashomz says it is Jay Israel’s habit of paying off his way out of trouble and he will make sure that it does not happen again.

From the look of it, it is not going to be just deportation for the prophet as he is going to face the rest of the cases that are being opened against him.

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