The internet has been throwing shady comments about Olinda and Tytan’s reconciliation from the day the couple posted the pictures of Tytan’s birthday gifts and celebrations. This did not go down well with Olinda as she came out to defend her actions.

Tytan Nkomo and Olinda Chapel are formerly married and blessed with a beautiful daughter called Nandi.

The couple has fought several times, break up and make up and are still striving to live their best life against all odds. Against the society judging them for their age and life differences.

Olinda Chapel said on her live video she is back with Tytan because she forgave her and she doesn’t see any need for them to keep playing hide and seek and well as fighting. “Nhaimi munoda kuti tisvike kupi nababa ava tichingorwa,?” She asked.

She also noted that she was born with an forgiving heart and there is nothing she can do about it, “manje ini ndine moyo webenzi ndakauwana kuna mai vangu” she said.

Mai Nandi also added that she does not live for the community. She chooses to do what feels right for herself and her mental health care.

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