Pearl Modiadie has declared her intention to baby proof her house as her baby boy, Lewatle starts crawling. The star welcomed her bundle of joy in September 2020 and she has been enjoying every bit of motherhood.

Taking to Twitter, the presenter stated that she will have to baby proof her whole house as soon as possible. Pearl mentioned that she clearly did not have a baby in mind when she arranged the decoration in her house.

She went on to say that there are glass tables, mirrors, sharp corner and light fabric on my furniture and she has to find solution due to her little one crawling.

“I clearly didn’t have a baby in mind when I arranged the decor in my house. There are glass tables , mirrors, sharp corners and light fabric on my furniture. Now that my little one is crawling, I have to baby proof the whole house asap!,” Pearl said.

Many of her fans supported her and asks her to act fast before any accident occour.

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