Wicknell Chivayo is a prominent and popular Zimbabwean Business Man who has won large Zimbabwean business contracts and is said to be counted on the most rich men in Zimbabwe.

Sir Wicknell defended Ginimbi’s love for extravagant cars and lavish lifestyle after he showed off his new ride claiming that it would be his hook for all women.

“Kana Ginimbi anga aine chikwambo itaiwo zvenyu, huh aka kanotora ma babe ese aka,” he said.

The late Ginimbi (Genius Kadungure) was not only a Zimbabwean business man also but filthy rich. He owned an exclusive apartment and always hosted all white parties everything provided and catered for every invited guest. He was alleged that he used a goblin to obtain money.

However Sir Wicknell appeared urging people to get their goblins too as good life is everything.

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