Zimbabwe as a nation mourns the passing on of Zimdancehall Chanter Soul Jah Love and the way Zim Celebrities are showing their remorse on social media surely shows that Soul Jah Love had a positive impact on all of them.

For a minute, things were going well for Soul Jah Love and as of late Passion Java was endorsing his music and even promised to buy him a car but for Soul Jah love fate was calling louder. However, 4 days ago Oskid posted on facebook saying “Chadhonzwa“and Soul Jah Love fans were quickly to understand that Oskid was referring to Soul Jah Love’s song called Simudza Gumbo which is performing well on Youtube.

Oskid was quick to notice that Soul Jah Love was about to go viral in his own words he said ” 4 days ago taitosimbisana kut this time togohwesa chete “.However, fate for Soul Jah Love was calling louder. Zimbabwe is still in shock and surely Soul Jah Love’s Death has left a permanent scar in Zimdamcehall.

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