Valentine’s day of 2019 might have been a nightmare and who would have known that it was the birth of a new social media influencer , that from all that drama Lorraine Guyo will be one of the fastest growing and impactful celebrities of our time.

At only 19 years old a young girl from Bikita became an overnight sensation.It was not all rosy at first but her fate and destiny made it all worth it after being called she was not only because some people do not have a sense of humour.

Lorraine Guyo built her brand from scratch and whatever she did it was all organic and natural from having over hundreds of followers on social media and fans who love her for who she is.

As a teenager with the help of Thomas Chizhanje , Lolo started her brand company Lorraine Guyo Productions which produces her content on her YouTube channel and other platforms which garners her over 10million views per year.

Lorraine who is now 22 years of age , also does charity work.She works with her production company and volunteer at other non profit organisations such as Madam Boss Foundation under Tyra Chikocho who is like a sister to her.

The owner of Braids and Weave nation , a beauty company that focuses on Women’s natural beauty recently adopted her only younger brother to be his guardian to ease the pressure on her maternal grandparents shoulders since she is now financially stable.

Lolo , as she is called by her fans is not shy to let the world know who she really is and staying as her true self is what has built her brand up to this day.The young go getter only minds her business and is here to stay.

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