Colin Powell once said a dream does not come reality through magic it takes sweat, determination and hard work. For Baba Harare life was not easy during his up bringing and despite the hardships he encountered he managed to become one of the most talked about musician in Zimbabwe. Baba Harare is a Zimbabwean jiti musician and was born Braveman Chizvino in a family of seven, four boys and three girls making him the last born and he was born 22 december 1988.

As surprising as it might sound, He was given the name Baba Harare by Jah prayzah’s former Manager Filda Muchabaiwa. Baba Harare learn’t how to play a guitar at a very young age and he went on to join a band called Sigma boys. During that time, Jah prayzah was still establishing his brand and he shared the same stage with Sigma boys because he had no instruments of his own. At one time Jah prayzah’s guitarist could not make it to the performance and Baba Harare stood in and covered for him. Jah prayzah is said to have begged Baba Harare to join him full time and since then one thing led to another to an extent that Baba Harare gained alot of experience working with Jah prayzah.

It is reported that Baba Harare left Jah prayzah in 2017 to form his own band called The city vibration band. He went on to become a force to be reckoned with when he lauched his debut album that same year called Chikwama changu and for him to be recognized as an individual he collaborated with different music artist and that include Macheso and Progress Chipfumo.

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