The self proclaimed seer said he had already predicted Soul Jah Love’s death, met up with him and talked.

“Tic Toc Tic. I loved you Soul Jah Love and after writting all the letter to you I finally met you and told you the message. We really had a good chat. The day I saw you as I travelled in time is the day I phone you and you urgently told me to come over. I came running and you poured your heart and I felt you. Today in the afternoon I tried to get hold of you but I couldn’t get hold of you.Rest in Peace Mhofu BaTea will always have you in his heart.”

Ba Tea is the one who predicted Ginimbi’s death way before he died in a car accident last year. In some of his group post he noted that this year more celebrities will die.

“Macelebrity anofunga kuti anopisa one by one akuda kutanga kuita fall” he said meaning this is just but the start of the death bath for top celebrities.

He also noted that a celebrity would not be still alive in March and that celebrity just happened to be Soul Jah Love.

Ba Tea added that he loved Jah Love so much and the first person to tell him the bad news was Enzo Ishall.

The Seer said that he knew and felt the trauma that Jah Love went through because he has been through it before. To him Jah Love’s message was a photocopy of his life and it really touched his heart.

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