The prank of announcing Madam Boss’s death was not only annoying but also a trap of losing endorsements and contracts on Madam Boss’s side.

Queen Tatelicious urged Tyra to make a formal announcement and denounce her association with Passion Java as the terrible joke would also make Nyaradzo clients pull out.

She added that if the comedian do not cut ties with Passion Java it would not only ruin her work but also her marriage with Ngoni Munetsiwa(Mhofela).

“Tyra needs to be told the truth. Java is just an empty vessel he makes noise but does not have money. You are way richer than him because Dr Mtisi left you all her property when she took off to Europe” she said.

Tatelicious said Passion Java is a comedian who is also looking for popularity and money yet does not have any.

Queen compared him to Strive Masiwa and Uebert Angel as she says they take care of orphans and donate to nations with transparency hence what shows that one is a millionaire is the help they offer that people can see.

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