There is fire in the mountain as the exposure of Wicknell’s Wife keeps extending to other people’s lives. Having convinced her followers that she worked hard to obtain everything that she has, Pokello’s deals have been exposed in and out by Tatelicious and Moreblessing on social media.

Everyone envy’s the ‘Queen’ Pokello. She is popularly known as a business owner and a fashion guru without including her flawless skin and looks as fans compliment more on it.

However, the tables have turned from Sonja’s gold digging to Pokello’s gold digging. In a live video yesterday as promised, Tatelicious added more information on exposing Sonja.

Moreblessing Chivayo confirmed that Pokello Nare obtained everything she has through gold digging. This which made Wicknell hesitate to give her his bank card for shopping.

Wicknell’s sister added that Pokello even blocked her on Instagram so that she can’t see anything concerning her life because she knows who bought each and every pair of shoes on her rack.

Adding on, Moreblessing said Pokello has had s_ex with Ginimbi, Rimo Jackson,Wicknell (her brother) and Tazvi Mhaka. She also said Rimo had an affair with Ginimbi as he was bisexual but all Pokello ever needed was money.

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