The rapper who is undoubtedly the undisputed champion when it comes to hip-hop music in Zimbabwe had a blast night after he introduced his daughter to the entertainment world. The Godo hitmaker was performing in UK for ZimBrits awards and had a surprise shocker for all his fans.

As we all know Stunner aka Desmond Chideme has a daughter Celeste Chideme who is now 19. Many might not know her because all this while Stunner did an amazing job by keeping her out of his public life as he preserved her.

Celeste is a very down to earth young lady who is a private person for someone with a father as big and famous as Stunner.She has become her father’s backing vocalist for sometime now and is so focused on her education.

With a voice like that we hope that one day she will be the next Tia , the rnb diva of early 2000s  of the Boy Got To Know fame because she promises international vibes in that order.

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