Elders in the society always say when one’s death is close they feel it, some signs start showing up like stomach bloating, failing to talk for days then suddenly recovering on the last day or not talking at all. For Sauro it was different as he dreamt of his death and woke up in fear.

According to one of Jah Love’s close friend yesterday. The Zimdancehall Superstar dreamt of his death when he got admitted in South Africa and failed to attend to his shows.

The Eye Witness said he was given 16 drops that very day as they tried to save his life.

The speaker said he received a call from Sauro late in the night where he was asked to wake up as he had something important to say.

“Akafona, zvikanzi mukai titaure. Ndarota rufu rwangu ndoda kuonekana nevanhu vangu. Ndikatomuti unopenga here.” He said

Though in passing he mentions that upon return Soul Jah Love came back strong and fit and said he was joking about dying as he had escaped the death bed.

One of the interviewees noted that Musaka suffered from diabetes. Changara had to make sure that he injects him every now and then failure to do so would cause trouble.

He also added that talking about drugs would be disrespecting Jah Love because everyone takes drugs and he did not die of drugs.

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