Big Brother ‘s Makosi Musambasi was deported from the UK and battled cancer after starring in the show.

Makosi, 39, appeared in the 2005 series of the programme and famously got intimate with fellow housemate Anthony Hutton in the hot tub

She ended up coming third in the competition, but life got tough for the star after BB ended.

The former nurse, who hails from Zimbabwe, had been living in the UK on a visa which allowed her to stay as long as she worked for the NHS.

She was granted a sabbatical, but it was withdrawn when her former bosses at the NHS found out she was using her career break to appear on Big Brother.

Makosi was given a choice between staying in her job or starring in the show – and she chose BB.

It left her in a sticky situation once she left the house and she was served with the curtailment papers giving her 10 days to leave the country or appeal against the decision

She chose to fight the order, saying at the time: “I feel very betrayed. I’ve entertained the nation for three months and then you come after me.

She applied for asylum claiming it was unsafe for her to return to her home country, but that was rejected before she eventually was granted leave to stay under refugee status

Makosi later moved to Nigeria but trouble kicked off again in 2012 when she was stopped at a UK airport for using a relative’s passport to enter the country.

She was deported back to Nigeria and is believed to have been banned from Britain.

Five years later, Makosi suffered another blow as she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017


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