It’s been 3months since Chibaba was buried as a Provincial hero by the state of Zimbabwe by public demand and many have been questioning what will happen to his estate.

Soul Jah Love had a house that was almost ready to move in only needing few construction final touches.It could have been his second house had the authorities not demolish his property years back.

Jah Love also owned cars and designer clothes and shoes worth hundreds of dollars according to closer sources.He is also reported to have furnished his Masasa home recently.

Unlike what social media made his other fans to believe ,we learnt that Soul Jah Love had close relatives including blood brothers who are legally going to get his riches.


  1. Manyepo. He doesn’t have just two siblings. They were 6 in total. I know the family very well because I lived in the same hood with them. 2 of his sisters are in UK. His older brother is in SA. His twin died and his other little sister is home.

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