Life is full of surprises no one was expecting the passing on of Soul jah love to be so sudden. His fans are failing to understand what really happened to the king of zimdancehall. Two weeks ago he released a song called Simudza gumbo and the song has been performing very well on YouTube. As of late, people were starting to expect great things from Soul Jah Love but for him fate was calling louder.

Tendai Musaka Soul jah love’s brother finally spoke out as he was being interviewed by New Zimbabwe Live and he had this to say “Soul jah love was a true artist”. He went on to mention the best song from his little brother which is kana ndafa. Tendai Musaka remembers correctly as he narrates that he has been living in South Africa for the past decade but when Soul jah love released the song kana ndafa he had to come back home.

Tendai Musaka, Soul Jah Love’s brother being interviewed by new zimbabwe live.

With a heavy heart the brother went on to mention that everywhere he goes people always approach him narrating how Soul Jah Love’s music changed their lives. With all this affection being shown to Soul jah love surely one can be pushed to say Soul jah love was a legend, a king and a comedian, yes a comedian. He was a funny guy who had a positive impact on people.

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