Bamnini Nijo on Nash Tv is the most talked about comedy series among Zimbabweans around the world and its all thanks to the equally talented cast members and the people’s favourite Nigel who plays the main actor.

Nigel Maritinyu , also known as Slick Pastor rose to fame years back after making viral inspirational videos and comedy skits and also for his trademarked phrase Komborerwai Nashe making him one of the most followed content creators.

The late 20s talented actor is also known for his signature oversized dressing which consists of a pair of bootleg trousers , ancestral shoes and a formal jacket which is completed with his clueless hilarious face which make him look even more funnier.

He is also a preacher and a very dedicated born again Christian in Zimbabwe Assemblies Of God Africa Forward In Faith International Ministries (Zaoga F.I F Int) where he recently tied the knot with his beautiful wife Krinah Styles who is also into makeup and celebrity styling.

Before he ventured into the comedy world , he attained his qualifications as a professional electrical engineer and is one of many Zimbabweans who abandoned their careers to promote their talents where the grass is greener.

Bamunini Nijo recently joined a South African based international talent agency Becky Casting and after his first audition for DSTV did make it through , he got casted on his second audition for a new Netflix feature film The Bishop which is going to be filmed late 2021.

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