The late Cde Soul jah love back in the days rubbed shoulders with fellow Zimdamcehall chanter Seh calaz. Every time they clashed dust would rise and the equilibrium on social media would be provoked and be shaken, it was a battle of supremacy for sure. Surely it was a time no one who has a soft spot for Zimdancehall will never forget. However, at the end of the day the two were friends.

The late Soul jah love, Seh calaz and Moira knight.

Moira knight the ex girl friend of Seh calaz spilled the beans and told the truth between Soul jah love and Seh calaz. She said every time anyone had a beef with Seh calaz they would use her as a weapon. However with Soul jah love it was a different story, he never used me as a weapon against Seh calaz despite knowing alot about me that would destroy Seh calaz, Moira knight had this to say,” Every Zimdamcehall artist who sought beef with Seh calaz vaipinza Moira knight mukati and called me all soughts. Sauro is the only one who never tried it”.

The Late Cde Zimdancehall chanter Soul jah love Chibaba.

As noted by many, Soul jah love was a principled Man with so much respect for women. His battle with Seh calaz was clean he never involved a family member. Moira knight with so much respect for the late Zimdamcehall chanter knew that “Dai aida he would have defeated me lyrically considering aiziva zvakawanda”, Moira said.

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