Boss Tumelo involved in a car accident. The news we getting is that popular businessman/socialite Boss Tumelo who had been trending a few months back has been involved in a tragic accident. So far not many details are known about his state or the cause of the accident.

Boss Tumelo become popular or got to be known by many recently after her girlfriend Vuyi Sibanda had a clash with a lady who was hitting on her man (Boss Tumelo) live on an Instagram video. The saga went on for about a week as the two ladies confronted each other.

Along the way or during the confrontations,Boss Tumelo once broke-up with Vuyi because of the issue but they later sorted things out and got back together. As of late they were keeping a low profile as they continued with their love life.

The accident came as a shock to Vuyi and made her realize that life is too short so she ought to love her boyfriend. Vuyi posted a love picture and expressed her love to boss Tumelo.

We pray the Boss is okay and that the accident did not injure him in any way.

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