Firty Fine Has Never Looked This Good!

Prominent Gospel Musician caught the Internet by surprise after posting her 50th birthday vibes in an exclusive style.

Amai Shingisai Suluma has long been in the music industry. Her music is a healing therapy that does not only draw the audience near God but also life breathing to the hopeless.

The Zimbabwean Singer has released several albums and one of the most dominating was titled “Maitiro Enyu.”

Mai Suluma also had a collaboration with Janet Manyowa titled “Muchengeti” that they launched with a zealous performance live on stage sometime last year.

At Fabulous 50, the gospel guru decided to celebrate in a modern style with her T-shirt printed that she is the birthday ‘girl’ and colorful balloons all over.

Well life is truely a gift that is meant to be celebrated and Zimupdates wishes Amai Suluma a happy birthday.

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