Last night after Chihera Evidence Ginya WeGuhwa came with information that Mai Tt had been arrested and facing deportation , many theories have been visited.

The cat family family were really angry over this saying Evidence is jealous and she wishes to be in Mai Tt’s shoes.

Sheppy’s first wife is being accused of being the culprit behind this.The story is now confusing on which is which because during the first days it rumours said Kamuchacha got her visa as part of President’s Deligation to UN.

Another report said Mai Tt got a visiting visa from new lover Sheppy.Mai Tt claimed she saved enough for her vacation to all U.S states to relax.

Many people are now believing Evidence that she is indeed arrested because its been days since she posted and also when the Zizoe story broke out , Chihera was the one who first came with her first line Zvandasangana nazvo mukufamba and it turned out to be true.

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