As if predicting her own death Sandra wrote in September that Jesus is on his way,It is time of the end and in another post she says Pauro tiyambutse nyika ichigere kuparara.Her death comes barely 2 days after celebrating her mother’s birthday.

A vivacious & famous girl from Concession, Sandra Satumba aka Slinky Sandra Fadzai Satumba has died.
Early Reports indicate that she drowned in river whilst trying to rescue her younger sister who had also drowned when they had gone to take a bath in a nearby river.

Her death has shocked everyone.She was a confident and promising young girl who like any other girls of her age was trying to to be a woman of her own and breaking ground.

She was popular on social media circles as a social media marketer herself.Like any other young lady she had her good and bad days but she would soldier on and defy odds.

Sandra Satumba is the first born to Bishop Taru’s daughter mai Ev Satumba or Vimbai Taru.The family is in shock and devastated as well.
May her dear Soul rest in peace.
Jobo 14
1.Munhu wakazvarwa nomukadzi, unamazuva mashoma panyika, azere nokutambudzika
2. Unobuda Seruva , ndokusvava unotizavo somumvuri, haagari.

via Evangelist Moyo from Mwazha Church

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