In a dramatic turn of events, a lobola/roora ceremony turned sour after the father-in-law refused to accept the bride price.

In the video footage that has been circulating on social media, the father-in-law shows his displeasure at the meagre amount brought as bride price by his son-in-law to be.

The disgruntled father-in-law showed his displeasure after the son-in-law brought US$165 as a bride price.

The video which has garnered interest on social media shows the man telling more than 20 people gathered for the ceremony how disgraceful and disrespectful the son-in-law is in gathering so many people for a meagre US$165

He goes on to demand to see the groceries purchased for the mother-in-law, as is the norm, but alas! the man was not impressed at all.

Some social media users believe the father-in-law’s conduct during the lobola negotiations was justified as they argued that US$165 was indeed was too little to be considered a bride price. However, on the other side, some called for the roora/lobola tradition to be abolished as they deemed it a money-making scheme.

The video footage has emerged at a time when there has been a great debate about roora/lobola on social media. This recent incident has sparked another debate on social media as critics questioned what was the reasonable “roora/lobola” price in Zimbabwe.

Here are some of these responses from social media;

Depends on how much your man can afford

10 000 USD

Wabhadhara hako 15k usd sezvakaita Wicknell pana Soma paye, 3 years later oisa hake acid hembe dzako…. i think manzwisisa

😂😂😂😂😂 just here to read comments and detect whose father is a failure who expects to get his life standards raised by another man’s son…

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the Magistrate’s Court and the High Court of Zimbabwe, has ruled that a husband is entitled to a full refund of his lobola if his wife cheats on him

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