Yesterday night the Internet was breathing fire after Prophet Passion Java posted about the death of Madam Boss. Though immediately after creating a scene he cleaned his mess with some lame excuse.

Yesterday night Java posted a video(now deleted) announcing the death of a Zimbabwean Comedian, Madam Boss. He even sent condolences to the comedian’s Husband(Mhofu).

Immediately after the announcement Madam Boss also posted dismissing the false news saying that she was alive.

Madam Boss

However Prophet Passion Java responded saying “wanya, murume mukuru anoda makuhwa. If I post about Jesus the response is poor but about Madam Boss’s death I got a lot of views. Vanoshayirei Madam Boss I wanted to prove wrong ana prophet vainyepa kuti vachafa.”

Though it was meant to be like that. It was going to be impossible for people to ignore a message of the death of their loved comedian hence the reason behind the increase of numbers in views after the death announcement.

There was need for him to consult Madam Boss first as she has a lot of Brands to protect and it would be an offense to joke like that.

Tyra’s manager also posted an apology on her page to formally address the issue to her fans and brands.

This could be the start of bad blood between prophet and Tyra.

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