Prophet Twabam aka Passion Java released a new song in which he sings in tongues throughout. Last year a posted was posted which he portrayed him praying for church in tongues that broke the internet with arguments of whether the toungues were authentic or not as people had never encountered them.

Prophet Passion Java is a well known socialite and Zimdancehall promoter who has worked with the Chillspot family and Enzo Ishall amongst other artists. The man himself features in the videos that he promotes sometimes hence he calls himself a music artist.

He posted his video of him and his wife heading elsewhere whilst listening to a song that he sings in tongues.

The comment section got crazy as they started drawing lines from the prophet’s theme of the year ‘Year of Bees’ to his tongues.

Prophet Passion Java’s Garamumba Iwe Season 2 is also resuming today (Monday 8 February 2021)as a live broadcast on his Facebook page. The show also made history last year and people are waiting to see what it will be this time.

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