Prophet Passion Java surely did not come to play this year. He posted informing his fans about continuation of the Garamumba online show, showed off his new car and said new plans that are in progress this year.

Prophet Passion Java posted a video informing that Garamumba season 2 is back and will be broadcasted every Monday of this year.

The Socialite who is known for his extravagant flamboyant life also introduced his new Bugatti and said he will be building a new garage for his six cars.

“Ndiri kuvaka zimba rine 10 marooms, elevator ne garage rinopinda mota 6”

Prophet says it’s now time to act and show off that he is truly rich this year .

It should be noted that the Garamumba Show became entertainment to many during the lockdown. The response from the viewers was amazing as it hit more than 22k viewers. Artists got to show off their talents and opportunity for popularity.

Some artists who performed are Alick Macheso, Winky D, Stunner, Mudiwa Hood and they made history. Get Ready For Season 2!

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