Pokello Nare, one of the most influential Zimbabwean celebrities is a wonder to many. So many things have been speculated about the Queen of Swagger but a lot is yet to be known which includes her source of vast wealth,

Pokello Nare who is believed to be a multi-millionaire, was born on 24 August 1985 to Retired Colonel George Nare and Bessy Muzvidzwa. The Queen of Swagger grew up in Harare.

She is of Sotho and royal descent from the Babirwa Clan in the lineage of Sikora Morole, the chief of the Babirwas, who is now based in Botswana.

Pokello has had her own fair share of controversy as she has been involved in a s3x tape with hip hop king, Stunner. despite all the controversy, she has managed to change the narrative and she is now one of the most respected female figures in Zimbabwe as she has been teaching ladies how to dress and change their own lives.

The self-proclaimed queen is the host and founder of one of the most followed programs on social media in Zimbabwe on a weekend, the Sunday Confessions.

She was also one of the closest friends to the late Ginimbi who died in a car accident late last year. It was reported that she even tried to chase away Ginimbi’s secret friend-cum-rival, US based Flamboyant Passion Java.

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