Passion java who is famously known for his joyful character surprised everyone on instagram with his post as he spilled some truth. He mentioned and encouraged girls to care for their caring boyfriends this 2021. Passion java onset went on to remind girls how hard it is to find a caring boyfriend.

Passion java encouraged those who even have people that gives them money to grab on tight to them as they are hard to find. It was a reality clap on the back of the head of everyone who was watching the video, especially when he mentioned that this year 2021 is a year to find the face of God. For a minute he showed himself as the prophet of doom as he mentioned that this year is the Bee year (Gore renyunchi) and some people are going to die and others will survive. Such words coming from Prophet Passion java is going to make alot of people humble themselves.

The millionaire always know how to put on a show, he even mentioned those people who have landlords to be humble and start to respect the owner of the house.

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