Olinda Chapel Nkomo posted the sweetest message to her husband Tytan Nkomo after years in a relationship of On and offs.

Mai Nandi still finds her husband the best lover and husband ever after the two quarreled and even filled police reports and divorce papers against each other last year. Olinda was accusing Tytan for cheating him whilst Tytan was crying about abuse.

The Socialite and business woman, Olinda is married to Tytan Nkomo the musician and they have a beautiful daughter called Nandi.

Today Olinda Chapel posted a photo of his husband and a caption:

“Help me wish this husband of mine a wonderful birthday.

We can try explain it but I don’t think the Oxford dictionary has the words. We might try to define it but I guess Wikipedia would have to add new ‘nouns’ in it. We may try to understand it but it would take the whole covid19 budget to do some research on it.

All we know of it is ‘moyo muti, unogona kumera pakati pedombo’ as long as midzi yadzika.

So ndoti, happy birthday 🍯”

There are no doubts that Mai Nandi is in love with her husband and like any other relationship they had and have their differences so she doesn’t find any word that would define love.

The musician turns thirty plenty today and we say happy birthday.

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