Aston villa’s struggle to grab points from the most of the games they played has proven to be a blow for their survival in the English premier league. From what it seems, Aston villa’s players are finding it hard to find their style of play and that includes Nakamba. Such poor ability to quickly adjust to Aston villa’s style of play has led Nakamba to not play a full match, however, as of late tables turned and Nakamba played last three matches of Aston villa.

Aston villa on Sartuday won the game they played against Arsenal and as noted Nakamba played a beautiful game and probably such perfomance from him could earn him a spot of playing a full match for Villa park. As known by many, once a midfielder fits in, in a team it would be hard to replace such a player and by virtue such fate for Nakamba awaits for him.

Arsenal are struggling as they also loose points most of the games they played, but they cannot be underestimated and by virtue Aston villa did adapt that basic mentality of not underestimating opponents, However, such mentality made Nakamba to maneuver his way through the midfield of Arsenal and helped his team win.

Noted by many, Nakamba could be a great asset for Aston villa if he is to adapt quickly at Villa park. However, as of late Nakamba’s fans took a sigh of relief as his inclusion in the list of players departing the club faded away. Smiles all over, as Nakamba is now playing full matches, could this be a beginning of a new era.

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