The Ministry of Health and Child Care has discouraged pregnant women, old people and those with underlying conditions from taking the vaccine.

An official in the Ministry of Health, Dr Raiva Simbi said pregnant women and elderly people are part of a special group discouraged from taking the vaccine

“Naturally pregnant women are a special group. They are usually excluded from all the vaccination programmes.

Those with comorbidities, underlying chronic illnesses, can be vaccinated if they are stable, but if they are not we discourage them from getting vaccinated.

Then the elderly. These usually have some underlying conditions, but as long as they are stable they can take the vaccines”.

Zimbabwe rolled out its vaccination program on 15 March using 200 000 Chinese-developed Sinopharm jabs donated by China.

Minister of Health and Child Care Vice President Constantino Chiwenga was the first Zimbabwean to be vaccinated. He took the lead to show Zimbabweans that the vaccine is safe.

Over 30 000 Zimbabweans have been vaccinated against covid19

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