Mudiwa Hood has been counting his blessings in 2021 and he has been including us from his book Shut Up and Get Money , renovations of his house , getting back to school to finish his PHD he had put on hold to get married and obviously his son’s birthday party yesterday.

Today Mudiwa Hood came on social media with a heartfelt message to celebrate his mother Amai Mtandwa who has put her life on hold to become a full time grandmom to his son whose Italian mom left when he was 2 months old in 2019.

Dear Mum

Before I say Happy Birthday to you mom, please allow me to thank you from the bottom of my heart, just for being there for me and my son 😥 Mudiwa. 

Mom You raised me well thats why i remember even strangers I have never met, you also taught me well thats why i have good heart and fear God.

Mom, i owe you two lives… after being there for me growing up, you have been there for my son since he was 2 and 1/2 months😭😭. If i had things my way i would not have burdened your life this way… You had your life, and most of all needing to rest, but i came knocking needing you again. I grounded you unknowingly😢😭, You couldnt travel or be away from him because Mudiwa was so young, and had to be there for him😭, forgive me. Mom you are an Angel, I will put tears on your chics soon but these ones will be of joy…thank you 🙏 for being there for me.

Muroora achauya hake kana ndamuwana mama 🥰

Mama i wrote you a song Amai Vakandirera, I am going to release the video this year soon but I had you in mind when i wrote it and other moms who are there for their children

Happy Birthday mom, may God bless you more and as long as i am alive mom you shall NEVER lack anything.

I love you my 1st love and i will always do.


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