Its been 5 months since the Beautiful Beast Moana was promoted to heaven and everyday its like she is still with us because of her younger sis Tatts who posts her frequently on her social media.

Besides the resemblence between the 2 sisters , Tatts is moving forward to keep Moana’s legacy alive by following into her footsteps from being a model and now recently a fitness bunny.

The mother of 1 just shut down with internet with her latest photos in gym wear with an hourglass body that is only attained by working out and many are so proud of her for her new career choice.

Not only does becoming  a fitness bunny gives her a decent living but it will also bring exposure on different aspects of her life as she is now almost clocking 90k followers online making her one of the few selfmade Zimbabweans with organic followers unlike others who sponsor their pages for clout.

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