Tatts has been the new IT GIRL on instagram no lie since the passing of her fitness bunny sister Moana.She moved from 18k followers to over 80k followers in a small space of time.

This means all eyes are on her and as humble and kind she is , she is really doing well in her well found career online.However after doing her interview with Carol Nyakudya she mentioned that her babydad has never done anything for his 1 year old daughter Kayla since pregnancy.

From then fans have been lurking on their pages to check if they still follow each other or comment on each other’s pictures and it looks like they nolonger do that.

Today eyebrows were raised after Bhogarlee posted a picture talking about how one should never entertain an ex lover and how they ruin lives.Tatts fans speculated , he was talking about her and some accused him of being bitter about her success without him and all the attention she gets as one of the most followed Zimbabweans on instagram.

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