The two millionaires dominating as business owners, Zodwa Mkandla and El Gringo offered free business advice during their chat on live video to youths.

Zodwa Mkandla, the late Ginimbi’s Wife is a well established entrepreneur who owns mansions just to mention a few. On the other hand El Gringo is a zealous youth who claims to be rich beyond and is still promising more.

In a two way interview, Zodwa asked El Gringo what made him successful and he said it was consistency.

“I understood that I was broke and I did not have money. I looked for something I was Passion about and good at without considering how much it could pay me back. I got my way up through consistency. It’s never easy but I accepted I can still fall and try again” he said.

El Gringo also added that one should be concerned by getting work done and be hungry for more than what they obtain that is investing more and more.

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