Mihlali constantly trending and in the news whether it be for her stellar ad campaign, a new viral makeup look or a hot bikini picture breaking the internet. Yet this time people are intrigued with the tweets on her page as a lot of them are centred around relationships.

Infamous beauty guru, influencer and newly minted actress Mihlali Ndamese has been hinting at her relationship status for months. while Mihlali has alluded to casually dating someone in the past the last time Mihlali was public with her love life was when she was dating Banele who is one half of the famed twin duo major league. She has since become illusive with her love life.

Love is not the only thing on her mind though the Instagram star recently scored cover on the coveted Careers magazine April issue, as well as scoring a role on Rhythm City. While Ndamase keeps her love life private and under wraps unlike the rest of her career that has flourished in the spotlight.

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